• Tropical Asian Paradise Island

TAP Crew Additions

We are introducing a few more members of the TAP-Island crew (eye-patches provided) in an effort to have someone around helping and being generally awesome as much of the rolling SL-Day as possible. So please welcome the following lovely people…

Immortal (aka RiriKim and Nuwa’s Daughter) who has been an islander since we started so some of you may know her, and have chatted with her already. If not then I can recommend the experience, she is very engaging to talk to and happily lets me waffle on for ages sometimes :)

Kya Gaea. Kya worked with us before at our last place, and has rejoined us to work in the bar. Kya is all kinds of mischievous but also, I have noticed, several kinds of beguiling, so I suggest you pop into the bar sometime soon and investigate :)

Nadozza-chan (aka ‘Doza-the-merciless, see below). Nadozza only joined us yesterday, and immediately after signing up, proceeded to show me that, despite playing quite often, I really had very very little idea of paintball strategy or technique. Thank you Nadozza!

Shorty (aka Yuna Hanly). Shorty will be helping us out from time to time also, Shorty lives in Vietnam and has been helpful from the start as an adviser on various issues around the sim. She is also a patient and fun companion always, even on my rather rambling sailing expeditions!

Off Road Rallying


The checkered phantom prim represents the start point for the upcoming Off-Road Rallies .

If you look near the bar you will see a almost transparent checkered prim across a track leading into the hills, this is the start of the Off-Road Rally course. Cunningly placed arrows mark the course and the object is to get around as quick as possible. I will announce the first one soon, but please go and have a walk around the course, or take a jeep there’s usually one set for anyone to use outside the bar. For the actual event, any car-like (and car-sized) vehicle is ok to use, or you can borrow a jeep of course, those little jeeps are great little vehicles and as sure footed as a mountain-goat :) The course is set to NOT be so hard to begin with so please consider having a go. Entry is free (of course), and there may be some sort of prize or other!



Yen smiling happily and demonstrating a slightly disturbing lack of empathy as she blithely executes Michael from her hillside vantage point.



The last time Michael was seen alive, to his credit he was firing desperately into the shrubbery even as he fell. A brave man, callously cut down in his prime.

Paintball finally happened last night and we will be continuing to make it happen each weekend. If you couldn’t make it try and come along next week it really is fun and you can always duck into the bar for a drink and a shower if you get too splattered. Somehow the opportunity to splatter people with paint is a friendly experience, with a gentle competitive edge. If you would like to try it, ask anytime you see me on the sim and I will give you a live demonstration, including all the tips I can think of, safe in the knowledge you will use them against me at the first oportunity! :)

We can’t talk about this, our first proper paintball event, without mentioning Nadozza-chan, who we decided (in her absence, after the event) to nickname ‘Doza as she seemed to bulldoze all who came within range! Unless you are feeling specially confident next week, it might be an idea to give her a wide berth, about a half-sims worth might do it!



The Tàu Phở resting at anchor!

If you look in the river-mouth near the new city area you will see a boat moored. She’s called the “Tàu Phở” and is a truly wonderful vessel. I use her as a sort of base, not having a home as such, but she is too lovely to just sit their not being used, so feel free to explore if I am not around, or just knock on the roof and pop in for coffee if I am on-board, of course!

*****     *****     *****

Opening Day

Well we had our opening and thanks to all those who could attend, we didn’t get through all the activities in the end after a few hiccups but we live and learn and will break out the things that didn’t go quite right, soon (see below) :)

BTW Please feel VERY free to comment on this page in any way you feel moved to :)

Many thanks to Ambrosia who had a wealth of tunes at her fingertips, and provided the perfect soundtrack to some amazing (and sometimes surprising) athleticism on the dancefloor. Many commented at the time, and since, that Argus was particularly impressive for a man of his age, I couldn’t possibly comment, I simply repeat what I hear :)

We aim to have regular dances for Islanders and select visitors on Sundays, but welcome comments on the activities you would like to see, and at what times…. always ! :)


We haven’t had our racing events yet, but you will see over the next week various arrows subtly appearing on the landscape (if they aren’t subtle Yen will be not-so-subtly be disappearing them, and pronto)… for some offroad rallying we will try. I do hope when you see the announcement you will try and have a go, what do you have to lose except your pride, and with Argus driving also, it is highly unlikely you could come last :)

Also we have a racetrack in the sky often for more conventional racing, its not officially open yet, but just ask me if you would like a preview, I think its pretty neat and surprisingly realistic from what I remember of my Formula 1 days, or was that just a dream…



This rather grainy picture was taken by a security camera on the East side of the island. The unfortunate and rather bulky Japanese lady (who can just be seen beneath the surface), had stopped for a much needed rest after labouring along the village streets for several minutes unassisted (remarkably)!  Having dozed off by the side of the river, she was rudely awakened as she was savagely shoved into the water. We are assuming a small crowd of people must have been involved to perform this feat of strength, possibly a football team returning home in high spirits after a night out, or a squad of Siberian weightlifters conceivably  You can just make out two anxious figures on the riverbank, we think these are the rescuers who dragged this unfortunate lady (presumably with the aid of a Jeep) onto the bank, where she was found shortly afterwards. Luckily for all concerned she is recovering nicely, and should be none the worse for her experience, however she was beached for several hours and traffic around the island was severely disrupted. Anyone with any information should contact the Island authorities, we take the safety of every single visitor to the sim VERY seriously, and this dear lady represents at least 4 or 5 visitors, so the culprits will be mercilessly hunted down. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer!

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